Sandblasting and sandblasting work with Jet Décap

Sandblasting and blasting commonly called ″sandblast″, an industrial cleaning technique intended mostly for stripping large surfaces or projects requiring powerful stripping or deep cleaning.

To carry out your wood, concrete or metal blasting projects efficiently, we use different abrasives with a larger particle size volume combined with a higher air pressure setting.

For jobs that could generate a lot of dust, Jet Décap uses a method to reduce it and decrease abrasion by injecting water into the jet. This process is generally used for the stripping of in-ground concrete pools.

In addition, stripping and sandblasting is the solution par excellence for stripping bridges, buildings, rusty machinery, concrete or stone walls, etc...

Jet Décap has established a global approach combining loyalty to its principles and environmental protection. On a daily basis, we use 100% environmentally friendly abrasives.